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Welcome to
GAA Artist & Influencer Solutions Sdn Bhd

Aftershave bottle on the beach at sunset

Welcome to GAA Artist & Influencer Solutions Sdn Bhd ("GAAAINS"), a celebrity marketing and advertising agency established by former fund manager, Dato' Jeremy Smeeton, and salon, factory owner and hair & skin care professional, Michael Cheow.

GAAAINS was created to help artists and influencers who already have built up a large social media following to achieve their full potential in the development of their own unique product brands through the marketing and distribution of 'own named' products. GAAAINS will not only help create personalised luxury products for you to market in your own name, but will also run the behind-the-scenes business models required to manage everything for you, from product development & creation, to product branding, manufacturing, licensing, packaging, storage, accounting and distribution.

Shampoo bottle featured in the rainforest
Facial mist on the beach underwater
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