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Maya Karin models flowers in her hair

One of the biggest problems that successful artists and influencers experience is the development and management of product manufacturing and distribution whilst also managing their already busy work loads and schedules.


GAAAINS has created a multitude of solutions which include the following:

  • Tailored luxury product development in the name of the artist, and at no cost to the artist. 

  • Brand creation in the name of the artist. 

  • Product manufacturing, licensing, packaging and storage at no cost to the artist. 

  • Targeted product distribution via multiple methodologies, including via social media platforms. 

  • The management and creation of product marketing and ad campaigns on behalf of the artist. 

  • Proper accounting and reporting of all product distribution and centralised fee distribution. 

  • Website shop development on behalf of the artist. 

  • The creation of uncapped, cross-border income. 


Contact us today to find out more about how GAAAINS can help create the ideal product solution for you!

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