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The Goodfellas behind GAAAINS

The GoodFellas
behind GAAAINS

GAAAINS came about as a direct result of the passions of its founding directors, Dato' Jeremy Smeeton and Michael Cheow. Dato' Jeremy spent 25 years in the offshore fund management sector developing financial solutions for the GAA group, whilst Michael spent 25 years in the UK having founded top hair salon franchise, C. Michael of London, before returning to Malaysia some 20 years ago to set up factories manufacturing prestigious hair and skin care products.


Dato' Jeremy & Michael have been firm friends for many years, both with experience in the development and distribution of a range of products across multiple international markets. Both have lived and worked in the UK and Malaysia, and both have developed a network of contacts in the artist & influencer industry across South East Asia and beyond.

Dato' Jeremy & Michael were delighted to welcome Raz Gabriel Sho to the team as Director Agency Operations in early 2023. Raz has developed a keen insight into artist & influencer product and marketing requirements and has established a comprehensive network of contacts within the celebrity community. He is a proficient designer and creative artist in his own right and has recently starred in a number of movies which are due out in South East Asia shortly.


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